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At SIHH 2016, cheap Cartier Drive De watches announced the release of the Drive de cheap Cartier Drive De watches line, which made many watch enthusiasts very thrilled with their relatively low entry-level models. Well, I spent some time with a piece approaching the higher end of the line, with the exception of the flying tourbillon model, the Cartier Drive de Cartier “Small Complication” 18ct rose gold watch. This watch lands on the “more elegant” side of the Drive de Cartier line we introduced here.

I’m not sure what the name “Drive” stands for, except to underline that it’s a new sale Cartier watches men’s watch with a range of car-inspired aesthetic motifs, but many watches have much more scratchy names. Anyway, it’s a watch I’ve been waiting for some time and I was happy to enjoy the successful execution. It’s not the steel model that many people were looking forward to, but I was more curious about this model, which has to compete with the fierce competition of brands such as Piaget, Rolex, and the like for around $ 20,000.
First of all, I would like to discuss where the Drive de aaa replica cartier watches uk line lies within the broader framework of the Cartier brand itself. There was much excitement about the launch, much of which was inextricably linked to the previously mentioned idea that it was a new Cartier watch marketed specifically for men over $ 6,000. Names like Cartier and Bulgari are often burdened with the perceived burden of being high-end “fashion house” brands that also react to ladies’ pieces, jewelery and accessories. I’m not into the debate (though our Ariel Adams and James Stacey did it here), but I think it’s a little ridiculous to avoid a brand for that reason.
Yes, Cartier has iconic watches like the Tank and Santos made for men and women. Many people see the tank line as too feminine, even though this was the clock for JFK, and the same goes for the Santos. Although I totally disagree with this attitude, I think that the fact that  sale Cartier watches  introduced the Drive line could identify and tackle this problem, which is more than many brands can say.

Personally, I have no problem with a brand that is identified with “unisex” watches. My girlfriend is wearing a Ladies Santos and she was not taken away or taken away from my personal love for the clock in a gentleman version, but that’s me. I think I understand that I do not want to meet the parents and discover that you and your future mother-in-law both have a love for the tank. Anyway, for those who want a cheap Cartier Drive De watches with just enough “macho” coming from a loose connection with cars, you now have the Drive de Cartier to try.
Like I said, the copy Cartier watches line is brand new and has options like a full steel base version, just a sub second of a tiny second, a golden flying tourbillon model, and this piece that lies somewhere in between. This is probably not someone’s first watch and it’s not exactly a watchmaker, but with an in-house caliber 1904-FU MC movement, a beautiful pillowcase and unique looks along with the brand name Cartier – this watch offers an attractive option for shoppers looking for something different, but still demanding and masculine.
I’ve never liked clothes watches before, and even in a suit, I usually prefer a more conservative sports watch. But I found the Cartier Small Complication a dress watch that had much more heart rate than a $ 20,000 + gold dress watch that I would normally do for myself.

Wow, reading this last sentence again, I realize that I sound like a huge tool, but what I mean is that the style of most dress watches and my personal tailor selection does not always overlap. However, I felt differently about this piece. It lacks the grubbiness of an inherited gold dress watch, but it does not move too far in the “Drive” automotive inspiration, resulting in a contemporary and, yes, trendy-looking watch that is excellently portable. Maybe because it’s a new rule and there was no “my grandfather had one of those” historic luggage with watches that were always there.
Well, the fact that cheap Cartier Drive De watches Drive is both designed and marketed to be somewhat “sporty” does not do much for this model, so I’ll categorize the piece I wore as a clothing watch minus more. I’d also like to make it clear that when I say “look at clothes” for this review, I use something that is contextually similar to a tuxedo, as opposed to just a conservative piece worn on the wrist